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floor for adult gymnasts

Getting better at floor for adult gymnasts really pays dividends. The reason is floor is the basis for the other events! Many of the skills and shapes you'll see first on floor are eventually taken to the vault, bars or beam. So let's jump right in!

basics on floor

floor exercise adult gymnast

Tumbling Workout Guide This is to serve as a general list of ideas for warming up and beginners when working out and training for floor or tumbling competitions.

Wall Walk for Beginners

A much safer way to work a bridge when you're new to it or you have had pain working bridges. Be sure to stretch from all portions of your spine, not just from the lower back! Always stand up tall first before bending back into the drill. You don't need a wedge mat, but it helps!

Walk Walk Next Step

This one will be what it looks like after a bit of trying the first video.

Hurdle Drills You won't get much on floor without a great hurdle. Learn how here.

Build Explosive Leg Power with these 5 Exercises

3 More Exercises for Developing Leg Power

intermediate floor

floor tips adult gymnast

Improving Handstands and Presses Mastering these fundamental skills will really take you far.

Active Flexibility for Leaps - a Physical Therapist and Gymnastics Coach's approach.

Active Flex for Leaps, Jumps and 180 positions Getting better at these positions will help your tumbling become more efficient AND your dance skills more beautiful, all in one!

Rolling for Tumbling and Presses

Think about it - a roll is a flip that is on the ground. Get better at it, and watch your tumbling soar!

Standing Back Tuck Progressions

These progressions are designed with adult bodies in mind.

The "C Shape" in Tumbling

Jake Stoeckicht from Rockford breaks down the "C" shape with tumbling. This is a way to teach backward tumbling in order to increase speed and overall power in tumbling. He goes over some of the drills that help to create that C shape in tumbling. It's great for advanced athletes to learn to increase power, but at the same time some of the exercises can be done by beginners or intermediate gymnasts to allow for faster learning of advanced tumbling skills.

advanced floor

floor adult gymnasts

National Team Leg Plyos

These are crazy hard, but they will send your tumbling soaring if you do them regularly. Take it slow at first so you don't roll an ankle due to fatigue.

Front Layout Stations Interesting ways to get or improve a front layout without spotters or pits.

Improve Your Flipping and Twisting Prowess This set of videos contains drills from a clinic in Iceland by Tony Retrosi.

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