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pommels for adult gymnasts

Pommels is no joke - it's one of the most physically demanding events in that it asks you to continuously balance and swing, all while supporting all your weight on just one hand. These drills will help you improve your pommel horse ability as an adult gymnast.

pommels adult gymnasts

pommels basics

pommel horse adult gymnast

Beginner Pommels Learn to Circle


The Need-to-Know Basics.

Have you seen our camps page?

Strength and Coordination Exercises for Pommels These exercises will physically prepare you to learn more skills on pommels.

working on pommel shapes at home

pommels conditioning adult gymnastics

Pommels at Home By working on these exercises, you'll have a jump start so that your in-gym training time is more efficient.

pommels for real

pommel horse adult gymnastics

Pommels Master Class

It's Master Class time! Join Keegon Klopper, a Class 3 National Champion, and FIG-qualified coach Kevin Basson as they guide you through perfecting the basic circle on the pommel. Check it out!

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Tips and help for your scissors.


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