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elite adult gymnasts

by watching these elite adult gymnasts train, you will be so fired up for your own next practice session.

Elite adult gymnasts are totally inspiring! They are out there showing the world that gymnastics isn't just for kids anymore! 

Nowadays, there are more elite adult gymnasts than ever before, particulary when you look abroad past the US. There are too many to list, and that is something we absolutely love about the direction the sport is going in terms of age! Folks are realizing that with proper training techniques and correct pacing, they can stay in the sport (and be competitive!) longer...and longer...and longer.

We have linked below some elite adult gymnasts who put out content documenting their gymnastics journeys as an adult athlete. If you know of other resources I can list here, please contact me.

chellsie memmel

elite adult gymnasts

Chellsie Memmel started conditioning a ton last year with her famous Chellsie Challenges, and now she is working a bunch of new and old skills! Recently Chellsie has become a four event gymnast again. Yes, you can see her vaulting and swinging bars again, in addition to the beam and floor we had been seeing! So exciting.

This channel chronicles her Adult Gymnastics Journey! Follow along as she catalogs all of the gymnastics she does each week and the adorable relationship she has with her dad who is helping her out. Chellsie recently announced that her Comeback is OFFICIAL! 

She even has shown us some new skills she is throwing, from a Moors to an Amanar! This comeback is no joke.

Have you seen our Training Tips page?

mykayla skinner

MyKayla Skinner is a former NCAA athlete who has deferred her senior year to come back to elite gymnastics and try for a spot on the Olympic Team. This channel documents her journey and gives everyone insight into the life of someone preparing for the Olympics! 

MyKayla shows her life both in and out of the gym, including all the extra things she does such as working with a fitness trainer to maximize her abilities as an adult gymnast. You'll even get to see her husband try to learn some gymnastics. It's pretty entertaining! :)

nile wilson

Olympic Gymnast endeavouring to show you how incredible this sport really is! You will see lots of training videos as well as some of the health struggles he's battled with and overcome. 

sam mikulak

Sam Mikulak is planning to retire after the Olympics. In his YouTube Channel, he covers a lot of his warm-ups, conditioning, and skill work. I love how he shows the process of coming back after a long rest, as well as some of the mental and emotional pieces of training at the highest level.

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