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THE ORIGINAL ADULT GYMNASTICS TRAINING CAMP is happening once again in summer of 2024: July 26-28


UPDATE: As of May 25: There are 7 waitlist spots available. if the shopping cart has inventory, you're good to go!

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***we will watch the olympics together during this camp!!!***

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Yes! I would like to Join the Waitlist for the July 26-28 2024 Summer Adult Gymnastics Camp. No deposit required!

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this will be our 13th camp!

group of athletes at the original adult gymnastics camp This next camp will be our 13th camp. We love how our camp community grows each and every time!

see the review from our last camp by clicking here!

Our 12th camp was our largest yet with 72 registered athletes. New this year was a competition clinic for Xcel and DP levels, a competitive routine feedback, an outdoor group lunch, and a recovery rotation available. We also had an International Clinician teach us no spotting drills, a Beach Trip, and a Gymnastics Watch Party! Read the 2023 Camp Review now.

we are THE world's FIRST ADULT-ONLY GYMNASTICS CAMP! that's why we are called "the original"

Come to a 3-day camp where competitive and recreational adult gymnasts of all levels can learn at their own pace alongside our internationally recognized staff! We focus on the women's artistic events, but guys are welcome to come play too. The Original Adult Gymnastics camp features structured training on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor plus TumblTrak, Trampoline, Strap Bar and Dance! The facility has resi pits, a loose foam pit, highway beams, and a TumblTrak vault. You may skip events and double up on others if you prefer. You are an adult, after all! :) We offer 13 hours of instruction over 3 days plus an eductational clinic and 3 groups meals you may opt into. We tie it all together with an optional beach hangout after camp.

In addition to group training we always extra coaches available that you can approach to ask for individualized help. There are contests and games along the way with fun prizes too! We always include structured options during our 3 hour open gym that includes:

  • Competitive Clinic to Create Routines for Xcel or DP levels
  • Choreography Breakdown
  • Get a Routine Judged for Free
  • Conditioning Circuit Ideas
  • Trampoline Instruction
  • Dance Class

The training you will receive is top of the line, and we have groups for all levels so you are sure to feel right at home with your current skills and ability. Even if it's your very first day of gymnastics you are welcome to attend our camp. We always have groups for competitive gymnasts and for those with a high skill level too. We have expanded our staff to boast ratios of 6 campers per coach. We nclude a Gymnastics Watch Party - always a hit! This year we will be blessed to have the Paris Olympics Streaming during our camp while we enjoy a buffet dinner together.

There are 2 major airports within an hour of the gym (Manchester NH and Boston MA). There is a smaller airport within a mile of the gym that serves limited areas (Pease International). There is typically beach traffic coming from Massachusetts and New York north to Portsmouth in the summer, so please plan accordingly. There is a bus line that can bring you from Boston to Portsmouth and once at camp, there are usually plenty of campers offering rides. All of our activities are within 15 minutes of the gym.


Highlights from our esteemed staff over the years include:

  • Tony Retrosi, International Clinician and my gymnastics coach!
  • Wendy Bruce Martin, Olympian and mental training expert.
  • Alana Lepine, Adaptive Gymnastics Coach and Rec Coach at Atlantic Gymnastics and former UNH NCAA Division 1 Gymnast
  • Cori Cunningham, Atlantic Gymnastics Head Coach, Adult Gymnastics Coach of 27 years and former UNH NCAA Division 1 Gymnast
  • James Parent of TumblTrak who is an amazing gymnastics coach and so much fun!
  • Tyler Green of Inside Gymnastics and founder of KSU Club Gymnastics (an NAIGC club).
  • Joe Mello, Team Coach, Adult Gymnastics Coach and Adult Gymnast
  • Liz Verhey, Recreational and Team Coach at MGC in Waltham MA
  • Kristin Martin, Team Coach at GBC and Pilates Instructor
  • Yuriy Volodin, Recreational and Team Coach at Northern Lights Gymnastics
  • Nathan Beriau, Team Coach and Trampoline Expert
  • Ariel Thibault, Team Gymnastics Coach and Adult Gymnastics Coach, Broderick Gymnastics Academy Hyde Park
  • Ally Chase, Team Coach, Broderick Gymnastics Academy Hyde Park
  • Devyn Simard, Dance Instruction and Gymnastics Coach at GBC
  • Ali Madosky, Team Coach at Atlantic Gymnastics Portsmouth
  • Noor Martin, Team and Rec Coach at Atlantic Gymnastics
  • Bryan Paulhus, AAU Gymnastics Coach

staff at the original adult gymnastics campOur team has you covered on all events. We typically have 2 coaches per event to ensure that all athletes get their personal needs met.

pictures/videos of the event are free for athletes to access

We always have an official camp videographer and photographer on hand to capture the memories. You will have access to them for free after camp ends.

we always have multiple beginner, intermediate and advanced groups for event training. 

This ensures that all athletes get the attention they need in a comfortable and productive way! We also have entire group warmups, contests, games and social activities to ensure that we all get to know each other no matter what our skill level. Making new friends and enjoying this supportive and inclusive community is one of the best parts of camp! We often have injuried athletes who still come along to do what they can and soak in the atmosphere. Watching rather than particpating is always allowed! We also have an Athletic Trainer on hand to keep everyone safe and provide treatments. Meghan Mello appeared on Jeopardy in 2022 and gave a shout out to our Camp that we greatly appreciate!

Check out our Adult Gymnastics Camp FAQ page!

group the original adult gymnastics camp


Hi Gina,

Thank you for creating the amazing, supportive, diverse and professional Adult Gymnastics camp. You gave an excellent overview about what to expect in your emails before the camp, but I never could have imagined the wonderful energy that surrounded each of us as we did our best to move forward with our conditioning and skills.

You have created something much more than an adult gymnastics camp.

Thank you!


uneven bars at the original adult gymnastics campThe drills we set up on the uneven bars at the original adult gymnastics camp will help you master those skills that have been elluding you.


There are 2 major airports within an hour (Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and Logan International Airport). There is also a smaller airport less than a mile away called Pease. Starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday early evening if you are in the area and need a ride you should not need a vehicle, unless you want to go sight-seeing on your own. There are always folks willing to offer rides. Uber is fairly reliable during daytime and evening hours. 

This bus line is a good deal: $27 each way from Logan Airport (Boston) to Portsmouth. It's an 1hr and 30 min trip and they have a new one departing every half-hour. Here is the link to the bus line!

host hoteLs - motel 6 and courtyard marriott


Address: 3 Gosling Rd. Portsmouth NH (0.6 miles from the gym)

Phone for the Property: 603-334-6606

Phone to Place Reservation: 1-800-544-4866 (you must call in to receive this rate)

Group Name: Adult Gymnastics  2024

Deadline to Reserve: July 12, 2024

Cost: $169/night

Website to see features and amenities (you must call in your reservation to the 800 number to receive the group block rate - no online reservations).

The Check-in time is 4:00PM. Check-out is at 11AM. While every effort will be made to honor special requests they are not guaranteed (smoking/nonsmoking, side by side rooms, etc.)

HOST HOTEL 2: COURTYARD MARRIOTT (This is also where we have our watch party, typically Saturday night)

Address: 1000 Market Street Portsmouth, New Hampshire (1.5 miles from the gym)

Phone: 603-436-2121 (do not book by calling - the booking link is below)

Cost: $299/night 

Group Name: Gymnastics Camp Event 2024

You Must Book Online via this link for the Group Rate: Book Here by May 31, 2024

Features and Amenities List: See here

The Check-in time is 3:00PM. Check-out is at 12:00PM.

want a roommate? or find a place to stay in the area with a fellow camper?

We will have a spreadsheet linked here where you can request a roommate or a place to stay with a local camper. This will be launched after camp is full.

summer adult gymnastics camp 2021We always have penty of spotters will be available to help you out with new skills (or rusty ones!) Our camper to coach ratio is around 6:1.
contests at the original adult gymnastics campThe games and contests we have help us warm-up, provide a chance to win prizes, and allow you to meet and have fun with fellow campers.

camp schedule (subject to change)

All Training and Clinic Happens at: 

Atlantic Gymnastics, 150 Gosling Rd. Portsmouth NH

Day 1

4pm Doors Open/Take Care of Any Missing Forms/Stretch out your legs from travel! 

5-7:45pm Training 

7:45pm-8:30pm Educational Clinic (Optional). Past topics have included:

  • How to Manage Fear as an Adult Gymnasts
  • Conditioning for Success for Adult Gymnasts
  • Holistic Health Tips for Adult Gymnasts
  • Nutrition Strategies for Adult Gymnasts
  • Adult Gymnastics and Mental Blocks: Tips to Overcome Them

8:30pm Buffet meal at the Gym (Optional)

Day 2

9:30am-12:30pm Training

12:45-2:45pm Lunch at an Outdoor Venue (Optional)

3:30-7pm Training (Open Gym with Coaching Available, and an optional 2 hour Partner Acro Class Available, back due to popular demand from last year!)

7:30-10pm Dinner/Gymnastics Coverage Watch Party (Optional...but basically everyone comes...😀) 

Day 3

9:30am-1:30pm Training and Awards 

2-6pm Afternoon at the Beach (Optional) 

the original adult gymnastics camp Adult gymnasts from beginner to advanced, ages 18 to 60 plus are all here to train, support one another and form new friendships.

the facility

  • Vault onto resi
  • TumblTrak Vault into loose foam
  • Pit Bar
  • 2 Sets of Unevens
  • Low bar
  • Strap bar set up on men's high bar
  • 4 High beams
  • 2 Railroad beams
  • Laserbeam by TumblTrak
  • 5 Low Beams
  • 40 by 40 Floor including tumbling into resi
  • Extra long TumblTrak landing to resi or loose foam (elevated by 3 feet above loose foam)
  • Mushroom
  • Recreational rings
  • Trampoline
  • Mini Tramps
  • TumblTrak Tramp Boards for Vault
bars coaching at the original adult gymnastics campWith our expert coaches, you will learn the proper technique for a variety of skills on all of the events.

The focus of this camp will be on drills and skills that adult gymnastics wish to learn or improve on the various gymnastics apparatus. You do not have to be in "good shape" to participate! You will always be permitted to work at your own pace or opt out of things. Watching and learning is a great use of your time. You also are sure to make some lifelong adult gymnastics friends. This community is what keeps most campers coming back year after year!

the original adult gymnastics camp clinicLearning about shaping body positions during skills from Tony Retrosi, owner of Atlantic Gymnastics and International Clinician.

camp details

Note: There is no AC in the gym. Temperatures can fluctuate and daily highs can be anywhere between the high 60s and the low 100s (rare). Average high is 78 degrees. We do not cancel camp due to heat. We have a lobby and upstairs area with AC if you will need to cool off, as well as a lot of large fans! If sweating isn't your jam, think about it before you sign up!

WHEN: Last weekend of July (Friday July 26 - Sunday July 28)

WHERE: 150 Gosling Rd. Portsmouth NH (Atlantic Gymnastics)

TIME: Starts 5pm Friday, July 26 (doors open at 4pm) and training ends 1:30pm Sunday (followed by a Beach trip if you'd like to come). There will be a link here to reserve parking at the beach for $15/car once it's available.

COST: $499/Athlete - You may pay for it in 4 interest free installments which you will see during the checkout process, or all at once. Pay now

COST COVERS: All trainings, contests, a camp award and your Official Camp T-Shirt. There will also be lots of chances to win prizes at camp! Cost covers admittance to the Gymnastics Watch Party before food is purchased. It covers help from our Athletic Trainer Meghan Mello in the case of acute injury.

COST DOESN'T COVER: Meals or lodging. We will send out a signup sheet asking which group meals at you may like attend. You'll be able to opt into Friday dinner, Sunday lunch and Friday dinner all you can eat and drink (before alcohol) for about $100 in total. If you choose to visit the beach, the cost is $15 per vehicle to park. Cost doesn't cover appointments with our Athletic Trainer for help with chronic injuries or those that did not occur at camp. Cost doesn't cover travel expenses.

REFUNDS/TRANSFERS OF PAYMENTS: The payment you make of $499 includes the nonrefundable deposit of $75 as well as the balance of $424. The last day for refunds for the balance of $424 if you change your mind is May 26, 2024. You may request the refund for $424 prior to that date by contacting us via email (not Facebook messenger or text). There will be no exceptions to this last day for refunds date. We incur costs based upon the number of enrolled athletes that are fixed as of May 26. None of the payments are refundable or transferable in any way. We are not able to remove you from the roster and add another athlete in your place after a May 26 due to logistical issues and the time it takes to make such late adjustments.

watch party at the original adult gymnastics campAthletes enjoying a buffet dinner at the Watch Party at The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp.

the original adult gymnastics camp awardsEvery athlete receives a camp shirt and a camp award at The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp.

new hampshire adult gymnastics campWe always find some time to chill-ax during and after camp! This community is unmatched and you're sure to make lifelong friends.

Questions about camp? Don't keep it to yourself. Reach out here.

camp is sold out.

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Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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