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the (Unbelievably Fun!) 2017 Adult Gymnastics Camp Summer Edition - Portsmouth NH

2017 summer adult gymnastics campWe had so much fun gathering together for 3 days' worth of training and social opportunities!

Summer adult camp this year was an absolute blast! At our 5th semi-annual camp, 35 athletes came together in Portsmouth NH from all over the U.S. and Canada for the experience of a lifetime. Each and every gymnast worked on skills new and old and made friends that will last a lifetime. We had a great mix of returning campers and brand new ones--including some who were trying gymnastics for the very first time!

check out the official camp video.

Camp featured training on the four women's artistic events, plus physical preparation, tramp and tumbltrak. We had a few games and relays sprinkled in and some cross-training in the form of yoga and dance as part of our warm-ups. Our athletic trainer Meghan Hunt was on hand to provide treatments and make sure everyone stayed in tip-top shape.

2017 summer adult camp gymnastics three dayThe beach trip is always a highlight of summer camp!

camp flow

Camp started Friday, July 21 and ran through Sunday, July 23. Friday and Saturday night we spent hanging out in Downtown Portsmouth after training. Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at a popular Lobster House in Kittery Maine (yes, Maine is right around the corner!) and afterwards relaxed at our Mindset Clinic by the Pool. Sunday afternoon we shared a lovely lunch outdoors followed by a beach trip at the scenic Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH. All of the coaches love camp so much that they were returning from camps past, so everything ran very smoothly for the coaches and the campers alike.

One of our group dinners Saturday night at the Oar House in downtown Portsmouth.

camp awards

Allie Hignett:  Bendiest

Amy Johnston:  Best Beam Basics

Anita Pelak:  Punching

Anna Norris:  Hula Queen

Ashlee Bourque:  Can't-Resist Camper

Ashley Griswold:  Surprise Badass

Caitlin Smythe:  Best Snapdown Lay

Chelsea Rossetti:  Early Bird

Corina Rider:  Best Set

Emily Lambe:  Prettiest Line

Elsie Oldaker:  Casting Queen

Hayley Breagy:  Least Rusty

Jerome Torres:  Orbit

Jill Lacedonia:  Who needs feet

Kaitlin Rowe:  Awesome Back Handspring

Kerri Seeley:  Prettiest Bars

Kersten Cornell:  Form Freak

Kim Bull:  Front Tuck Amplitude

Lizzy Melvin:  Sky High Double

Mary O'Melia:  Quick Study

Megan Carey:  Ninja

Meghan Buttress:  Floatiest Layout

Meghan Hunt:  Most Improved Giants

Melissa Vacon:  H & R Block

Melody Gammon:  Tidiest Front Pike

Mia Celine:  Fastest Giants

Nicole Andrews:  Fastest Learner

Nicole LaChapelle:  Bravest

Rachael Bennett:  Most Consistent

Rebecca Hanley:  Rapidfire

Ricky Cole:  Best Bell Ringer

Rose Robertson:  Best Booty Pop

Suzanne McMahon:  Best full

Suzy Sivacek:  Curious George

Tiffany Chen:  Most Eager

future camps

Visit our camp page to find out about future camps!

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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