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check out our best adult gymnastics training tips

We have adult gymnastics training tips here for all events and all levels. Whether you're looking for a pre-meet routine or just some new drill ideas - we've got you covered!

adult gymnastics training tips course

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warming up

Taking the time to warm up will pay dividends in how safe and productive your practices are. Even just ten minutes will be a huge help! No matter how short on time you feel you are, don't miss your warm-up.

adult gymnastics tips

fun active flex warm-up

A fun way to warm up your entire body for a gymnastics practice. Follow along as best as you can - you will always get better the more times you run through it.

active flex to metallica

Because...why not? This one is led by the boys.

national team active flex

The looser you can get your muscles and joints before practice, the more effective and safe your workout will be. This warm-up (which is the same as was used by the US National team) gets the job done.

warm up like sam mikulak!

Sam's warm-up is more like a real workout! He swears by a thorough warm-up, especially as he's gotten older.

preparing for competition

When you're competing it makes every little detail of your performance that much more important. Learn how to increase your confidence when you compete in these articles. You also can learn how to maximize each and every tenth from real judges so that you can achieve the best score possible for yourself.

adult gymnastics meet training

Did you know there are Adult Gymnastics Camps? They are the funnest thing ever.

adult gymnastics training tips for practice

These are general tips. For event-specific ones, keep scrolling to the next section!

adult gymnastics practice tips

How to Do/Improve a Handstand

This guide leaves no stone unturned and  is appropriate for brand new beginners.

build a better bridge

In this video you'll learn how to mobilize your thoracic spine to help you get a better bridge. The thoracic spine is most often the area of our body that limits our ability to do a bridge, and adults tend to have a harder time than kids getting it to let go, so a little extra TLC is warranted!

drills by event

adult gymnastics training

Adult gymnastics training tips event by event - Maximize your training time on your events with these handy guides.


Go to this page for all of our specific training tips for vault.


Go here for our collection of bars drills and technique.


This page contains our beam lessons and drills.


Check out this page for drills and training ideas for floor skills.

artistry and dance

Visit this resource to learn how you can further develop your artistry and dance.

training adult gymnasts


Check out our page to build your rings skills.


You will be able to improve your pommels prowess by visiting this page.

parallel bars

Learn how to get better at pbars here.

high bar

Go here to learn how to learn or improve various high bar skills.


adult gymnastics training tips

Follow-along Playlist of Youtube at-home Workouts for Specific Gymnastics Goals by Gina Paulhus, cpt

We have a free adult gymnastics training tips e-course on improving your gymnastics shapes (such as handstands and bridges). Access it here!

comprehensive adult gymnastics fitness app

As the creator of, I know the importance of a comprehensive conditioning program for adult gymnasts. Train Like A Gymnast offers a wide range of workouts tailored to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, making it an ideal resource for adult gymnasts looking to enhance their performance and prevent injuries. I highly recommend checking out TLAG's app for a valuable conditioning resource. Visit TLAG Now


core to ariana grande

This could serve as a good active flex warm-up in addition to core conditioning.

choreographed core conditioning

Work it out to Uptown Funk! A challenging core routine.

core to beyonce

Who Runs the World? Girls! This core is also pretty difficult.

presses, the skill we all love to hate!

press handstand drills

Find the ones you need to help you get your press.

no spotting stalder press idea

Check out this idea using monster bands!

fun partner press work

Give this a try with a partner you trust!

rolling press station to get a stalder

This one was the most effective I've ever tried!

full body conditioning ideas


The Ultimate Gymnastics Flexibility Guide Dave's revolutionary flexibility techniques specifically made for gymnasts will help you gain more range of motion - pain free and safely! Being a coach and a physical therapist, Dave is an expert at helping gymnasts achieve better range of motion safely.

help for bridges!

Bridges can be tough for adults...but these exercises really help!

cardio/endurance for gymnastics

Cardio Circuit by Dave Tilley. This circuit is great for developing routine stamina. Gymnastics endurance is one of the most important adult gymnastics training tips to learn if you're looking to get into competition!

Do you have enough adult gymnastics workout clothes (is there such a thing??)

 If you need something to wear for training, check out our adult gymnastics Ts and tanks. You can also take a look at our gymnastics leotard recommendations! That way you'll be sure to look the part as you practice!

training advice adult gymnasticsAlways remember to keep your training FUN!

did you know we have a gymnastics camp that is only for adults?

Check it out! Find out more about our next camp.

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Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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