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dance for adult gymnastics

taking the time to work on your artistry always pays off big!

Dance for adult gymnastics is a wonderful way to improve your artistry and also keep your body safer during skills. Whether you're a recreational gymnast or you compete, working on your dance is a sure way to have more fun with the sport and get better results with your skill development.

dance drills: footwork

dance adult gymnasticsFootwork is extremely helpful for both beam and floor.

Artistry Training: Focus on Footwork Nicole Langevin of Precision Choreo and judge shows how to improve your footwork to save tenths (as well as make your gymnastics look more beautiful).

Russian Gymnasts in Ballet Class This one is quick but will give you some great warm-up ideas.

Have you heard about our Adult Gymnastics Camp?

Overall Artistry

artistry adult gymnastics

Coaches On Couches 5: Ladies Who Launch Artistry, Movement and Grace

Join USECA Video Chairman John Min and Pat Goldsmith host the fifth episode of Coaches on Couches featuring gymnastics artistry, movement, and grace from Miss Val Kondos, Betty Okino, Nicole Langevin and Brandi Smith.

Learn from masterminds in the artistry and choreography world on how to develop your own unique style in gymnastics and improve your level of grace.

Dance & Artistic Preparation Featuring Stacey Umeh - Australian National Team Choreo and Dance Coach

artistry on beam

dance adult gymnastAn adult gymnast who spends time on dance really shines out on the floor!

Precision Choroe's Artistry Session #1: RHYTHM & DYNAMICS ON BEAM

This session, "Rhythm & Dynamics on Beam,," is led by Olympic Choreographer, International Clinician, & Level 10-Rated Judge, Nicole Langevin. 

- Perfect for ALL LEVELS of Competitive Artistic Gymnasts. 

- Great for coaches to learn tools to take back to the gym. 

Learn about how rhythm & dynamics contribute to overall Beam scores, how to recognize rhythm & dynamics issues and most importantly, HOW TO IMPROVE RHYTHM & DYNAMICS.

Langevin brings engagement and fun to something that can be "not so fun," making this session highly effective.

turn and leap drills

turns and leaps adult gymnastics

Basic Toe Turn Work for Beam

Learn how to improve your beam toe turn from Tammy Biggs, national team staff since 1986.

Leg-up or "L" Toe Turns

Learn how to get or improve a toe turn with your leg at horizontal.

Illusion Toe Turn

Learn how to do this advanced toe turn for either beam or floor.

Learn a Wolf Turn

This tutorial will help you improve or learn the high-valued wolf turn.

Develop a Tour Jete with these drills.

Check out these moves to help with your leaps! Watch Now

active flexibility

These drills will get your legs splitting to 180 with much more ease and control. Having that ability will make skills on all the events that much easier! The more flexible you are, the less strength you need.

in need of gymnastics floor music?

floor music gymnastics

Check out our Guide to Choosing Floor Music!

I hope you found these tips on improving your dance for adult gymnastics helpful!

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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