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about is a resource designed to promote the expansion of opportunies for adult athletes in the sport of gymnastics

about adult gymnasticsGina brings the same excitement she brought to the competition floor to expanding the adult gymnastics movement. is owned and operated by Gina Paulhus, lifelong gymnastics lover. Gina got a late start as a kid in gymnastics but still managed to compete in eighth grade and throughout high school. She took a forced break from the sport in her early 20s due to circumstances. However, she found her way back to the gym one day when she found herself playing around with walkovers one day and realized how much she missed it. She then became an official adult gymnast.

Gina competed in USAG, USAIGC and AAU as an adult for 12 years. She was the AAU Ladies Level 8 Junior Olympic All Around champion in 2013 and 2014. Read more about that in the Haverhill Gazette! While some health concerns have sidelined her from the sport as of late, she still does as much gymnastics as she can, whenever she can!

Hear more about Gina's vision for the Future of Adult Gymnastics on an Episode of the Better Late Podcast. Gina has spoken about the Adult Gymnastics Movement at GymCON, an international eductational conference for coaches and gym owners.

gina's facebook group is what caused adult gymnastics to really blow up

about adult-gymnastics.comGina wants to make sure everyone...including Nadia...knows about adult gymnastics!

Gina Paulhus started the wildly popular Facebook Group, Just Like Fine Wine ... Adult Gymnastics in 2014 as a means to keep in touch with athletes she met at competitions. 

At the time Gina didn't have an adult team to train with, so she loved how the group helped connect her with like-minded folks. Little did she know that the group would grow to 10,000 members and climbing!

The Facebook Group has proven to be a wonderful resource for folks who love adult gymnastics at all ages and levels. Folks freely share their accomplishments as well as their struggles in that group. They share ideas on how to manage injuries as well as how overcome issues such as mental blocks. By joining the group you even can post videos and receive feedback from other adult gymnasts and coaches! It's a great place to chat about current gymnastics news and broadcasts. There are even some celebrities in the group, such as Chellsie Memmel, Vanessa Atler and Wendy Bruce Martin! They will post and comment on occasion. How exciting!

There is nothing beter than talking and sharing with other adult gymnasts who "get it." You might also make some lifelong friends - that has happened for so many of us! And online friends can easily become in person friends if you come to The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp. So please join our Facebook Group if you have not already!

If you have an idea for content we can add to this site, contact us!

how the original adult gymnastics camp was born

Gina Paulhus started the world's first exclusive Adult Gymnastics Camp in 2015. This is camp held at Atlantic Gymnastics in Portsmouth NH every summer.

At the camp, gymnasts train with instruction provided by experienced coaches over three days. We also offer clinics covering topics relevant to adult gymnastics, frequently provided by Tony Retrosi, International Clinician and my gymnastics coach! Camp has also boasted the coaching services of Wendy Bruce Martin, Olympian and mental training expert. We also also had James Parent of TumblTrak who is an amazing gymnastics coach and so much fun! Many of our coaches come back every year, helping deepen relationships and facilitating your progression. It always feels like a family reunion every summer.

Check out this article about camp: Foreign Gymnasts Flock to Local Woman's Camp.

learn about adult gymnasticsAthletes take a break to strike a pose on the beam.

There is even a Gymnastics Watch Party as well as a Beach trip at the conclusion of camp! There are plenty of other opportunities to socialize with other adult gymnasts and the adult gymnastics coaches at local restaurants or our host hotels during camp. The event is truly a blast - a real highlight of many adult gymnast's lives. Many of our athletes come back camp after to camp and use it as a training goal as well as a fun time to catch up with great friends.

the adult gymnastics movement continues

about adult-gymnastics.comWe are looking to expand opportunities for both men's artistic gymnastics and women's artistic gymnastics.

Gina has been operating the blog for the past six years, which she inherited from Jessica O'Beirne of Gymcastic when Jessica's podcast began to take up all her free time.

Gina springboarded (hehe) off that and wanted to build a larger site that included the blog content but also included more evergreen resources that will come in handy for adult gymnasts of all ages to enjoy. 

Gina looks forward to continuing to expand the adult gymnastics movement worldwide with your support. A fun way to support Gina's efforts to bring adult gymnastics together is to purchase something from the apparel store. All proceeds go toward the expenses for the maintenance and growth of this site, AND you'll get to display membership in our Tribe by wearing your swag! 

Check out more fun mentions and podcasts on our Press page! You can also see all the new and most popular stuff on our links page.

We also accept donations with gratitude. 100% of your donation goes toward the expenses for the maintenance and growth of this site and our blog. Donations are never expected, but always appreciated!

If you're not in a position to donate, no worries. We totally get it! Anytime you share a page from this site or post about the adult gymnastics movement you are already giving back!

This site exists to help you, the adult gymnast!

Please let us know what else you'd like to see here. We will do our best to help you out! And if you have something to contribute, please contact us!

gina's day job

about adult gymnasticsYou might recognize Bryan and Gina Paulhus from adult camp!

Gina Paulhus has been the owner of Home Bodies in-home fitness training for the past 19 years. She has obtained her Bachelor's Degree from UMass and is a Certified Personal Trainer with the ISSA as well as a Certified Nutritionist. Gina recently became Certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise (PCES) and loves helping women regain and even surpass their previous level of fitness and sport after this special time in their lives. Check out some of Gina's free live call recordings on healing after pregnancy. Gina also created a diastasis recti and pelvic floor course called Fit Foundations for Moonrise Health, a women's health company based out of Switzerland. 

Gina spends most of her time constructing home-based workouts as well as nutrition plans for folks in her area as well as for clients over video call. She especially loves providing conditioning plans for adult gymnasts! See more about Gina on LinkedIn.

Gina is married to Bryan Paulhus, who you may have met at one of our Original Adult Gymnastics Camps. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband, two cats and her rather substantial hoard of TumblTrak home equipment that she's been lucky enough to acquire over the years. When she is not upside down, she loves to hike, travel and go to the beach.

are you an industry expert who would like to collaborate with us?

Drop us a line! We love connecting with other gymnastics people!

Do you have any burning questions about adult gymnastics that have not been answered?

Reach out! We'd love to provide you with the answers you seek. That's why we are here!

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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