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check out our adult gymnastics camp faq to feel confident about what to expect there!

These Adult Gymnastics Camp FAQ will be helpful to review if you've never been to adult gymnastics camp and you want to know more about the experience.

adult gymnastics camp faqHow much would you love to be a part of this amazing group?!

adult gymnastics camp faq

adult gymnastics camps faqOur staff last year included THE Wendy Bruce Martin, 1992 Olympic Medalist!

1. Do I have to have experience in gymnastics or be in perfect shape to come?

Absolutely not! We always have some total beginners who come to camp. It is helpful if you have a base of fitness, since 13 hours of camp over three days is a lot in a short time period! But, if you don't and your stamina or strength isn't the best you are more than welcome to come, do as much as you can, and learn a lot by watching.

2. Do you cater to advanced gymnasts who compete?

Yes! We split groups by ability so that advanced gymnasts are catered to. We also allow for gymnasts to move groups if, say, they are very strong tumblers but very weak on bars, that way gymnasts can get the best training experience on all the events.

3. Will there be pressure to keep up or to attend every session?

Absolutely not! You will always be permitted to work at your own pace, and to observe if you are not capable or interested in actively participating so that you can learn by watching! And there are four sessions, it is common for some folks to skip one to either sight see in the area or just get a little extra R+R in between sessions.

Have you seen our training tips page?

4. It is weird for me to come alone?

Not at all! We always have a bunch of campers who come alone. Camp is a super welcoming place and you will feel right at home since you all have something in common - a love for gymnastics! If you would like a roommate for the hotel to defer costs, please contact me and I'll hunt around.

5. What if I have an injury coming to camp? Should I stay home?

Don't stay home unless you are truly incapable of doing any gymnastics! You can always mix and match which events you work and which skills you work. We have TumblTrak, Trampoline, Pits, and conditioning stations that are always available. We always have some campers who come that are limited by injury and they work around it and still have a great time! Don't forget too that we have a Watch Party, Dinners and other Post-Camp activities that you will be able to participate in. There is so much to learn at adult camp and so much fun to be had and so many friends to be made, that staying home should be your last resort if you truly aren't well enough to come and do something!

6. Is camp ever canceled due to last of enrollment numbers?

No! We always have many times the number of campers that we would need to host the event. No worries there.

7. What is included in the Camp Fee?

Training and entrance to the venue for the Watch Party is the only thing that is included in the camp fee. Our Camp Athletic Trainer is free to use for any acute injury. If you'd like her to take a look and assist with chronic injuries she offers sessions for $30 for 30 minute sessions. You will be responsible for any travel costs including hotels and meal expenses. 

8. What about the Pandemic?

Do to the Pandemic, we have no camps officially planned at the moment. However, since 2015 we have had one camp every winter and every summer - usually the last weekend of January and the last weekend of July. Once we feel confident that is safe and responsible to have another camp, we will post those links. We will be sure to take all precautions that are recommended by USA Gymnastics as well as the CDC. 

I hope you found these adult gymnastics camp FAQ helpful!

future camps

adult gymnastics retreat

You'll find info. on future camps here: Adult Gymnastics Camp.

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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