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a former high school program Level 7 gymnast

by Cristina Hoover
(Collingswood Park, NJ, U.S.)

Back in "my day" (90s-2003; the year I graduated H.S.), lol!, our team wore GK and they were cut a lot lower on the leg (on average) even at that time than what GK's house style has changed to of recently. A funny thing, to me, is how (now): Alpha looks like the more modest designs with better sophisticated, college-and-beyond age "glam"(!) vs. the way GK must be aimed exclusively at tweens thesedays. I say this, because, 20 years'-ago it was the opposite: Alpha was ALWAYS notorious (then) for feeling cut short in the torso and leaving a skimpy leg. The GK's however, even for someone that certainly was not a rail-thin I was not!, fit fine and stayed in place without any malfunctions (which: you DO NOT NEED to want to deal with when you're 16 full of body anxiety and trying to avoid having a meltdown!).

I miss SO MUCH the way CBS used to show the (former) Super Six tournament every first weekend in May on regular tv during the 2000s. I LOVED watching the yearly rematches of the (then) Alabama or Georgia or Florida dynasties go against either UCLA or Utah.

Thank you!

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