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go inside our 2023 original adult gymnastics camp!

The anticipation of camp for 2023 was on high alert, given how much camp was missed during the pandemic-fueled absense. We also began to sell tickets to this camp back in November, which was the earliest we have ever opened up registration. Lots of time to build up the excitement meant the athletes arrived ready and raring to go from the first minute of camp. In fact, this year we had the biggest group who arrived early and were hanging out on the floor ready for the action to start! 72 athletes registered for an unbeatable adult gymnastics experience and were not disappointed. This year we doubled our staff, offering 12 coaches to serve the athletes as well as an International Clinician, Tony Retrosi.

group of athletes at the original adult gymnastics campThese athletes including ones all across the USA, Canada and the country of Georgia were thrilled to be together at The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp this July.

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gymnasts from all walks of life come together

Whether a gymnast's main reason for coming to camp was to...

  • learn new skills
  • improve old ones
  • gain access to pits or spotters (or both!)
  • have tons of fun
  • re-connect with old friends
  • meet new like-minded people
  • socialize with other adult gymnasts
  • enjoy an active weekend full of learning new things

...all of that and more happened at this camp! 

staff at the original adult gymnastics campThis year we boasted ratios of 6 athletes per coach to maximize the learning opportunites at camp.

This was our 12th camp. While we had many returning athletes, there were also plenty of newcomers who were experiencing this three-day gymnastics camp for the first time. This camp featured training on the 4 women's artistic events plus TumblTrak, dance and Strap Bar with Tramp. In addition to that, new this year were competitive routine construction clinics, competitive routine judging offered, extra tramp time, choreography breakdown, a recovery rotation as well as a conditioning rotation that were optional for those athletes that were interested.

bars coaching at the original adult gymnastics campOur coaches teach the ideal technique to all athletes, regardless of skill level.

the flow of camp

Camp featured training rotations over three sessions as well as an open gym session. We warmed as a group for each session before splitting up into our training groups by skill level for the events. Various beginner, intermediate and advanced groups were offered and there were a total of 6 groups. The groups were set by the camp director Gina Paulhus prior to the start of the event to ensure appropriate training environments for all. Athletes were permitted to skip an event or double up on an event to their liking.

group the original adult gymnastics campMembers of Group D became fast friends, and it shows in this group photo!

camp always includes fun and games along the way

There were some entertaining games yielding prizes that were sprinkled in as part of warm-ups. One of our contests this year involved teamwork where athletes performed a leg lift holding a block of pit foam between their ankles. The team that could pass the most blocks along from one teammate to the next won. We also had a relay contest between the decades - the 20s decade squeeked out the win, but just barely! They are going to have to watch out next year!

contests at the original adult gymnastics campBy warming up as a big group, athletes got to mingle with those who weren't in their specific training group.

Camp started on Friday July 28 and ran through Sunday July 30. Each day offered several hours of gymnastics training plus the opportunity for attending group meals with other campers. This year we had burritos at the gym Friday night and a buffet lunch at an outdoor venue on Saturday in nearby York Maine. We even had a watch party Saturday night where we got to see the U.S. Winter Cup to help refresh our memory of who the major players are as we enter into the competitive portion of the pre-Olympic year.

watch party the original adult gymnastics campHungry gymnasts enjoyed a buffet meal while taking in the U.S. Winter Cup broadcast.

we even had a camp clinic

Tony Retrosi, an International Coach and Clinician as well as Owner of Atlantic Gynmnastics, was on hand to provide his clinic on No Spotting Drills for Adult Gymnasts. We moved the clinic to Friday evening this year to ensure that the athletes had plenty of time to practice what they learned throught out the weekend. Tony makes our camp possible by offering the use of his facility, and we are extremely grateful for his support of the adult gymnastics movement. There were also a record number of Atlantic Staff coaches on hand to assist the athletes this weekend and we are grateful for their time and expertise.

the original adult gymnastics camp clinicWhile it looks like these gymnasts are resting, they are actually working on body alignment for various skills under Tony's encouragement.

As always, our Athletic Trainer Meghan Mello was on hand to assist with any physical concerns. She provides acute care as well as treatments for chronic injuries at camp. Meghan has been at every since camp we have had since the beginning. Meghan is such an advocate for adult gymnastics that she mentioned our Adult Gymnastics Camp when she appeared on Jeopardy this past November! Her husband is Joe Mello, one of our fabulous coaches who has been at camp many times!

meghan mello athletic trainer the original adult gymnastics campMany athletes took a photo opp with Meghan since they first saw her as a contestant on Jeoparty less than one year ago!

camp awards

Each camper who made it through Day 3 got an award! It was well earned - we did 13 hours of gymnastics over 3 Days! This is more gymnastics than a lot of the athletes usually do in an entire month. Kudos to all!

the original adult gymnastics camp awardsWell earned medals were distributed to these hard working athletes.

the beach trip was widely attended and is always a blast.

We had so much sun and fun concluding camp at the Wallis Sands Beach in nearby Rye, NH. Campers relaxed and took a dip in the ocean. This year, the water temps were a bit frigid, but that also proved to be soothing for sore muscles. Afterwards they did a bit of gymnastics on the sand. We gave the other beach-goers quite the show.

leaps adult gymnastics camp 2023Leaping for joy at all the fun they had at Adult Gymnastics Camp this year!

A Great Big Thank You to each and every one who made the trip to Atlantic Gymnastics to participate in this weekend. You are what make it special! We also want to thank Atlantic for accommodating us, as well as our incredible staff who made it all happen.

the original adult gymnastics campOur coaches all love adult gymnasts which makes the atmosphere inviting and supportive.

join our summer 2024 presale list.

Yes! I would like to Join the Presale List for the July 26-28 2024 Original Adult Gymnastics Camp. No deposit required!

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Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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