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adult gymnastics camp report: winter 2020

We had SO much fun at winter camp 2020! 51 athletes came together in Portsmouth NH from across the U.S. and Canada for an unbeatable adult gymnastics experience. We had a whole slew of athletes from Florida...but really, what were they thinking?! I guess the gymnastics was worth battling the cold!

adult gymnastics camp review winter 2020Don't let the long faces fool you. Camp was an absolute blast!

gymnasts from all walks of life come together

Whether a gymnast's main goal was to learn new skills, improve old ones, have tons of fun, re-connect with old friends or meet new like-minded people - all of that and more happened at this camp! 

adult gymnastics campEach coach brought something unique to offer to this camp!

Check out this link to find out about our next camp.

This was our 10th camp. While we had many returning athletes, there were also plenty of newcomers who were experiencing this three-day weekend extravaganza for the first time. This camp also featured a special surprise - Wendy Bruce Martin coached and also provided us with some invaluable mental training clinics that proved very useful to many of the athletes.

adult gymnastics camp wendy bruce martinWendy Bruce Martin offered invaluable mental training tips in addition to coaching on beam and floor.

We rose to the Chellsie Challenge!

For the first time this year, Chellsie Memmel invited us to take part in her Chellsie Challenge! She sent a video for us to try for conditioning and posted the results on her Instagram.

Camp featured training on the four women's artistic events, plus TumblTrak and mental training rotations. We warmed up as a group a little bit differently each day before splitting up into our training groups by level for the events. Beginner, intermediate and advanced groups were offered. 

adult gymnastics camp atlantic gymnasticsWarming up before training on Day 3!

There were some entertaining games yielding prizes that were sprinkled in throughout the training sessions. The handstand contest resulted in a lovely Magnificant 7 book being won by a phenomenal handstander, Rebecca! The beam forts game has also a hit (youngest versus oldest teams!)

all adult gymnastics campThe oldies team won out over their younger counterparts for the best standing fort at the end!

Camp started on Saturday January 25 and ran through Monday January 27. Each day offered several hours of gymnastics training, plus the opportunity for attending meals with other campers. We even had a watch party where we got to see the best NCAA teams battle it out in an exciting quad meet.

adult gymnastics social eventsThe watch party was packed with adult gymnasts who couldn't wait to cheer on their favorite NCAA team! Next summer we will be watching the Olympics!!

adult gymnastics eventsMaking new adult gymnastics friends might just be the best part of camp!

adult gymnastics team retreatOther gymnasts love to travel to camp with their teammates for a unique club bonding experience.

we even had a camp clinic.

adult gymnastics camp clinic

Daniel Frazier, a Certified Dietician and Specialist in Gut Health, conducted a very informative clinic to help adult gymnastics get the most our of their training (and their regular lives!) by focusing on good nutrition.

No matter how much you know about nutrition, you were sure to learn something new from Dan.

We also had an open gym session that included plenty of coaching on specific goals as well as a couple of mini clinics (Handstand Basics and Conditioning for Success) conducted by Personal Trainer and Camp Director Gina Paulhus. Click through those links for the notes from the clinic.

While attendance at every session is optional, most chose to partake in just about everything camp had to offer! We had enough coaches on hand to make sure that each and every camper got their individual needs taken care of.

nh adult gymnastics campCoach Liz has been at just about every one of our camps! She loves working with adult gymnasts and loves seeing familiar faces camp after camp!

original adult gymnastics campCoach Joe was an amazing spotter to help with those skills we just need a little extra help with!

As always, our Athletic Trainer Meghan Mello was on hand to assist with any injury concerns. She provides acute care as well as treatments for chronic injuries at camp. Meghan has been at every since camp we have had since the beginning, and she is an acomplished adult gymnast herself!

best adult gymnastics campMeghan, our AT, understands the aches and pains that come with adult gymnastics firsthand! She is a great resource for our camp.

camp awards

Ally – Persistence

Alycia – Majestic Front Layout

Andrea – Back Walkover Beauty

Bean – Bean the Beam Queen

Besty – Meteroic Beam Worker

Brittany – Straightest Arms on Bars

Cara – Super Tsuker

Catherine – Front Tuck Savant

Chelsea – Rises to the Chellsie Challenge

Christine – Connection Bonus

Corrine – Ignite the Fire (Best Cheerleader)

Dan – Most Beautiful Gymnastics

Danielle – Prettiest Lines

Deda – Simone Award (Most Improved Vault)

Degas – Courage

Dominec – Quickest

Elyse – Gorgeous Glides

Freda – Flyaway High

Helen – White Out (Best Applier of Corrections)

Jason – Open Ended (Most Willing to Try New Things)

Jennifer – Highest Front Tuck

Jennie – Beam Back Handspring Beast

Jesse – Bad Ass Aeriels

Jocelyn – Gliding Queen

Joey – Fastest Pit Exit

Kellie – College Spirit

Kelsey – Most Upbeat

Kendall – Beyond Comfort Zone

Kerstin – Coach’s Award

Lily – Quickest Learner

Linda – Most Disciplined Gymnastics

Lori – Clearly Has a Clear Hip

Mary – Speedy Gonzalez

Meghan – Team Player

Melissa – Bad Ass Grit

Nicole – Keeps it Fun

Olivia – Best Layout Shape

Rebecca – Closing Out the Bars

Sherrie – Bounce Handstand Queen

Stefane – The All Arounder

Stephanie – Nastia Kip

Tiffany – On Tap Bars

Tracey R. – Best Handstand Shape

Tracy G – Brand New Straight Arm Back Extension

adult gymnastics training campThese three teammates were always the life of the party, keeping it fun!

A Great Big Thank You to each and every one who made the trip to Atlantic Gymnastics to participate in this weekend. You and what you bring individually to camp are what make it special! We also want to thank Atlantic for accommodating us.

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Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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