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all about what to expect at various types of adult gymnastics classes

what to expect at adult gymnastics classes

Explaining what to expect at adult gymnastics classes is tricky since every adult class is different. I have attended around 10 different adult gymnastics classes and none of them have been the same. If possible, I recommend asking if you can watch a class before trying it out if you have reservations. Aside from that, here are the common scenarios I have seen!

1. the free for all

adult gymnastics open gymHaving access to great equipment to play and train on is always fun!

These "classes" are more like, "hey you have access to all (or most) of the equipment in the gym from x time to x time." They may or may not be advertised as open gyms, but that is essentially what they are. There may or may not be other groups (a.k.a. kids) in the gym at the same time. If they class is super late, such as 8:30pm or later, most likely you'll be the only group in the gym. If the class is on Sunday or late on Saturday afternoon/evening, also most likely you'll be the only group in the gym. These "classes" can be great for folks who know what they want and need to work on and just need access to the equipment. Quite often they are also more affordable than instructed classes. There will be someone there in case of emergency or if you have a question, but that's pretty much it for "classes" like this. Sometimes, if there are other experienced gymnasts in the class, you might find yourselves helping each other out and that is usually allowed.

2. The group warm-up class. 

adult gymnastics classesHaving a strong spotter available at adult class really helps with the learning process!

In classes like this, you will usually warm-up and perhaps do floor basics or conditioning together before being allowed to break off to work on your own personal goals. These classes can be nice because they faciliate more bonding between coach and athletes and they also feel more social and inclusive. You still will want to have an idea of what you want to work on afterwards so these classes aren't usually best for beginners. Normally in classes like this, the coach who led you through warm-ups will be available to help you work on other things for the remainder of the class - but will rely on you to ask for what you need help with.

3. The structured class

adult gymnastics classA caring coach is worth her weight in gold!

This class, although more rare, certainly exists in the adult gymnastics world. Benefits of this type of class is you will always be supervised by a coach and you will always have an instruction on what to do. Because many classes contain athletes of different levels, it will be a common for a coach to explain, at this station you can either do a forward roll, a front handspring, or a front tuck. You would choose the appropriate skill for yourself to do. But because everyone is more or less in one place, it's easiest for the coach to keep an eye on everyone, and it's also easier to stay motivated since you are being watched and actively coached. Sometimes these classes will still leave time at the end for work on personal goals, and sometimes they will allow you to break off during the class to work on personal goals as space allows.

more examples of adult class structures

Go here to read an interview with an adult gymnastics instructor who is also a competitive athlete herself.

Check out this interview with a male gymnastics coach, judge and athlete (He is a great women's coach, too!)

Here is the adult class that's held at the same gym as the NH Adult Camp!)

will I have to sign up for the classes in advance?

That depends from club to club and class to class. Many adult gymnastics classes operate as a drop-in, while others will have you sign up for a set of classes ahead of time. The map below has payment details for many of the classes. Otherwise you may want to ask in advance.

adult gymnastics classes interactive map

If you're trying to find an adult gymnastics class, open gym, or team, this interactive map is a great place to start! Always call or email first as classes are subject to change and the list is not always perfectly up-to-date, particularly due to covid.

i'd rather see the list in spreadsheet form.

Sure thing. Here you go!

View our Adult Gymnastics Class List Here

help us keep the list up to date!

  • If you know of listings I should add, please provide us with the info here.
  • If you know of listings I should update, please provide us with the info here.
  • If you know of listings that should be deleted, please contact us.

other ways to find an adult gymnastics class

find an adult gymnastics class

Head on over to our Facebook Group where you can post a request to find a class in your area. You're sure to find up-to-date insider information on the current offerings.

While some folks are looking for classes, others are looking for competitive teams. The NAIGC is a great resource for finding a local club in your area. 

Have you heard about our Adult Gymnastics Camp?

other training opportunities

adult gymnastics open gyms

If you are unable to find an adult gymnastics class, or an adult class isn't for you, know that some gymnastics clubs allow adults to attend their open gyms that are normally geared toward children. It's best to ask in advance, but that can be a great way to get more access to the equipment. Plus, if you bring enough friends, the gym may be open to offering an adult-only session! The other cool thing about attending an all-ages open gym is that children and parents will notice you and may want to join in the fun! This helps spread the adult gymnastics movement!

Be sure to use #adultgymnastics on social media to further this movement to make the sport more accessible to adults.

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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