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marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes are critical to the growth of your program

here are 17 marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes

Here are some marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes that have worked for others. You can ask for even more ideas by joining our adult gymnastics Facebook Group Just Like Fine Wine...Adult Gymnastics. I gathered these ideas by polling the group - thank you to all who contributed! If you have an idea we have not thought of, contact us!

marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classesBe sure to encourage fun and camaraderie at your class! The athletes will return to see their friends just as much as to do the gymnastics.

marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes

1. Have a day where the kids have to bring a parent/relative with them to class. You're bound to get someone who tries it and wants to keep going.

2. Is there a local college around? If so, that could also be a good age group to reach out to. There's probably somebody who didn't want to quit gymnastics when going to college, but didn't know there was a way to continue.

3. If you can, offer a free or reduced price trial class to get people in the door.

4. You could try to advertise specific classes. “Handstand beginner class,” “backhandspring clinic,” “learn to cartwheel” or “gymnastics conditioning.” Then they know exactly what to expect!

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5. Advertise to CrossFit facilities. Cross fitters always want to learn handstands, improve hollow shaping, get muscle ups etc, and you’re not their direct competition so they’d be a good group to target.

6. Definitely appeal to your enrolled families and see how you can get your kids to beg their parents to try!

7. Consider how you could partner with other fitness facilities since you’re not a direct competitor with them. For example the Y in my small town is a big, nice, affordable fitness center that’s offers many great programs but not gymnastics. Y’s are really invested in providing great services for the community so they might be willing to advertise to their membership if you give their members a discount.

more marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes

8. Advertise to a range of potential adult gymnasts - the newbie who wants to try it for fun who has zero previous experience, the former gymnast who wants to return to the sport, crossfitters, martial artists, dancers, aerialists, divers, figure skaters, cheerleaders...anyone who wants to have fun doing gymnastics! Make sure to emphasize no age limitations or experience requirements. 

9. Ask anyone who inquires what they want to learn, and create classes catered to that! You can try themes for each month, too. People like focused time periods to work on specific things.

10. I'd recommend having an adult gymnastics "fitness" class that's more directed with implementation of easy skills. Perhaps that can be a bridge for people that need to get in shape first or may discover thier love for gymnastics with this class first. They get medals for certain seasonal benchmarks perhaps.

11. Create a Facebook Event of a free trial day/open house. You're bound to generate interest.

and even more marketing ideas for adult gymnastics classes

12. Utilize Groupon or classpass if its available in your area. 

13. I think a big part of running successful classes was encouraging people to create their own goals and work on that (after the basics of course), vs. running them through a curriculum like you might with a rec class. Everyone supported each other in their own journey. I'd even stay late sometimes just to hang with them. It was a great environment, and many people even brought friends!

14. Offer a team to keep people motivated and engaged. NAIGC is welcoming of all levels at their competitions. You can also investigate AAU.

15. Offer a variety of times. You'd be surprised how many adults will come to class before work, which might be easier for them than coming to late night classes after the team has left.

16. Approach local yoga studios. Many yogis are interested in acrobatics, and their flexibility tends to help them get into the sport more quickly and stay healthier in the process.

17. Have a team reunited day where you invite old members of the team to visit the gym and catch up. Make sure they find out about adult gymnastics class, or have a class during that event.

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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