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My attempt trying to rock a leo gym outfit (at nearly 35) looks right from the 80s, LOL

by Cristina Hoover
(Collingswood Park, N.J. U.S.)

This looks more vintage aerobics than gymnastics (I know: ha!) and: it would (obviously, in a bizarre way!) seem now like wearing a "costume" to a gym --- but, I figure(?): there's nothing to be ashamed of owning your own curves for when they are a HEALTHY part of who you are.

One thing about being suited-up like this you quickly learn is: plan on saving the bottled water for *later* (or: getting even more exercise from RUNNING to the bathroom)!

I will say: revisiting the "old school"-type gym fashion, actually, felt it had/has more coverage while keeping flexibility (MUCH better than a tank top constantly bunched-over your head and, definitely, more modest support than just a sports bra by itself).

Thank you.
Now leaving 1986 to go back to the dreck of 2021 and, no: she didn't fall on her head too many times (I don't think I did anyway, lol!).

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