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Read and Watch all about our 8th (and biggest!) camp.

2019 winter adult gymnastics campGymnasts strike a "UCLA floor choreography" pose on day 2.

Whether a gymnast's main goal was to learn new skills, improve old ones, have tons of fun, re-connect with old friends or meet new like-minded people -- all of that and more took place! Whether a gymnast's main goal was to learn new skills, improve old ones, have tons of fun, re-connect with old friends or meet new like-minded people -- all of that and more happened! This was our 8th camp. While we had many returning athletes, there were also plenty of newcomers who were experiencing this three-day weekend extravaganza for the first time.

and so it begins

winter adult gymnastics camp shuttle busThe shuttle bus was a popular way to get back and forth to the gym or restaurants from the hotel.

Camp featured training on the four women's artistic events, plus trampoline and tumbltrak as well as conditioning rotations. We warmed up as a big group a little bit differently each day before splitting up into our training groups for events. There were some entertaining games yielding prizes sprinkled in throughout the training sessions. The Stick It contest went on and on (and on) as the last two gymnasts standing just couldn't miss! A surprising number of people opted to try the Rope climb contest on the last day which is a testament to how in shape they are and how much stamina they have! As always, our Athletic Trainer Meghan Mello was on hand to help keep us safe and feeling good.

winter adult gymnastics camp groupThis group from Washington DC IS squad goals.

Camp started Saturday January 26 and ran through Monday January 28. Each day offered several hours of gymnastics training, plus the opportunity for some meals with camp folks. We even had a watch party in a banquet room during which we watched UCLA take on Stanford. Wendy Goodro, a kinesiology specialist, spoke at Clinic on how to stay healthy in the sport as an adult gymnast. She provided nutritional advice, pain management tips, and physical therapy exercises to keep the body balanced.

we offer a camp clinic

winter adult gymnastics camp clinicOur kinethesiology specialist's clinic was a big hit!

We also had an open gym session that included plenty of coaching on specific goals as well as a few mini active clinics on bars and beam skills by Gina Paulhus. While attendance at every session is optional, most chose to partake in just about everything camp had to offer! Breakfast with other gymnasts and the hot tub back at the hotel was a fan-favorite, as was the shuttle bus that brought campers back and forth to the gym. We polished off the experience by meeting at a local brewery for lunch on Monday. Perfection!

adult gymnastics camp watch partyWe watched live NCAA gymnastics together. It's fun to cheer along with other Gym Nerds!

camp awards

Alexander Pommer - Bar Savant

Alycia Muller - Best Half Wolf Half

Amanda Rudman - Highest Front Tuck

Ashley Griswold - Inventor of "The Ashley" on Bars

Catherine Leask - As It Turns

Chelsea Rossetti - Twisting on Point

Christine Cairoli - Most Confident Squat On

Corinne Gammon - New Double Back

Daniel Frazier - Best Ring Leap

Dominic Casselli – Khorkina Bars

Elissa Starosto - Snap It Shut Double Front

Jason Smith - Most Improved Handstand

Jennifer Solivan - Straightest Body Line

Jules Estes - Best Beam Flight...On Floor

Kaitlin Rowe - Got Off the Wedge (Bhs on floor)

Karah Novince - Cutest Squeal

Kelly Elias - Most Improved Front Handspring

Kelsey Young - TOPS testing (Rope Climb)

Kendall Everly - Most Entertaining Floor Routine

Krista Bartolomucci - Coolest Leo (Palm Tree Leo)

Kristen O'Callaghan - New Back Tuck

Kym Granger - Peng Peng Lee Beam

Laura McElrath - Best Tip Implementer

Linda Torres - Prettiest Back Handspring

Lori Vollkommer - New Release (Cut Catch)

Mary Cafarelli - Best Sticking

Mary Hollingsworth - Prettiest Leaps

Meghan Mello - Tappiest Swing

Melissa Vacon - Most Improved Vault Entry

Nicole Furness - Trooper

Paige Morency Notario - Best Come Back

Pamela Majumdar - Most Improved Flat Back Vault

Rachael Bennett - Nastia Liukin Bars

Rachel Gittinger - Spunkiest Clear Hip

Rebecca Hanley - Best Pike Open Half

Stefane Victor - Breathtaking

Stephanie Vlack - Best Layout Shape

Stephanie Wike - Tumble Trak Back

Tiffany Chen - Most Improved Handstand Pop

Tina DiMeglio - Hardest Working

Tina Goodman - Prettiest Toes

Tracy Garner - International Streak Keeper (she's Canadian)

winter adult camp awardsMade it to the end of Day 3? You get a medal because, well it's not easy!
games adult gymnastics campUnbreakable bonds were formed at camp. Many of the athletes have kept in touch since camp or even met up at competitions!

future camps

Check out our camp page for our next camp.

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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