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Adult Gymnastics Camp Synopsis Summer 2016: August 12-14

summer adult gymnastics camp 2016Check out this huge group at our summer adult gymnastics camp 2016!

Over the weekend of August 12-14, 45 adult gymnasts gathered in Portsmouth, NH at Atlantic Gymnastics for an adult gymnastics training camp. The camp accommodated both men and women, and welcomed beginner gymnasts right alongside gymnasts with elite level skills. Over 13 hours of training time was available, plus an adult gymnastics clinic poolside. We also had plenty of opportunities to spend time with fellow campers at meals and social events, including an Olympic Watch Party where we were able to watch the happenings in Rio unfold. We all collectively strained and yelled as Chuso attempted her Produnova vault in event finals. We sympathized with her knees and ankles as she fought valiantly to salvage the landing. It was apparent what rabid gymnastics fans we are when, in spite of our extreme hunger after Sunday’s training, no one would get up to eat while vault event finals were underway.

summer adult gymnastics camp
strap bar at adult gymnastics camp

we welcomed the largest group yet at this camp

Camp had a mix of focused training within similar ability level groups, plus some time when we got to do games and basics with the entire camp as a whole. There was some conditioning, flexibility, and open gym time mixed in as well. By Sunday, lots of video was taken as everyone was excited to show off skills they had learned or improved

social fun at adult gymnastics camp
group adult gymnastics camp

This was our third camp, which means many campers were returning and were excited to reunite with friends from near and far. Far, indeed—our furthest camper comes from Australia. Gymnasts from the U.K., Canada, and all across the U.S. were also represented.

nh summer adult gymnastics camp
event training at adult gymnastics camp

The experienced camp staff was able to accommodate the needs and goals of each and every camper. We also had an Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist on site. If you needed a drill or special station, Gina Paulhus, camp director, could come to the rescue. If you needed a double spot, we had coaches available for that. Some of the campers are coaches themselves, and we noticed campers helping each other, whether it be setting up a station or offering some technique. On Friday, it was 45 athletes working out individually. By Sunday, it was 45 campers working out together, as a supportive team.

Social opportunities abound

restaurants adult gymnastics camp

Saturday seemed to be the highlight of the social scene, which involved a lunch at a famous lobster house in nearby Kittery, Maine and also an evening gathering at The Friendly Toast which featured local organic food and some killer craft beers.

camp awards

adult gymnastics camp awards
coaches at adult gymnastics camp

Sunday were another highlight—we had a mix of hysterical ‘gag’ awards combined with awards for jaw-dropping progress that was made on some skills during camp. See the list of awards below! Many campers noted that they struggled with fear when training alone, but the strong spotters available at camp, the safe facilities including pits, and most importantly the support and inspiration of fellow adult gymnasts gave them the courage to attempt skills that normally eluded them.

here are our 2016 camp awards winners!

Nancy - Best Wolf Turn

Meghan - Most Realistic Wonder Woman

Andrea - Quickest Study on Vault

Joe - Strongest Lever

Jen H. - Voice in Katy's Head

Katy - Hungriest

Jose - Best Heel Drive

Traci - Quality Over Quantity

Jane - Animalistic Aggression 

Lana - Most Mobile

Melody - Best Bad Side Cartwheel

Melissa D. - Best Balance Beam Launch

Casey - Most Jealousy Inducing (male)

Kea - Most Jealousy Inducing (female)

Ryan - Aly Raisman Twinning

Justine - Beam Quick Study

Melissa V. - NASA Launch

Sam - Upside Down is Right Side Up

Rach - Greatest Comeback

Kim B. - Best Rhythmn

Kim. K. - Best Toe Point

Christine - Bars Babe

Rebecca - Most Balanced Beam

Hallie - Strongest

Jill - Best Life Strategy

Anita - Most Body Aware

Amy - Most Likely to Kill a Spotter

Kristen - Best Aeriel

Suzy - Bars Natural

Lizabeth - Most Graceful

Sherrie - Age Reversal

Heather - Best Back Handspring Shape

Suzanne - Best Chucker

Caitlin - Sharpest Gymnastics

Jackie - Cleanest Gymnastics

Nicole - Power Packed

Allie - Cutest Smile

Celia - Miss Giants

Linda - Grind

Jen S. - Scholar

Dominique - Best Cartwheel Precision

Jerome - Layout Tsuk King

Cait A. - Miss Technique

Chelsea - Braveheart

Jenna - Most Precise

Being at adult camp has been the best experience of my life. I thank everyone that has come for helping make it such a special and successful event!

2016 summer gymnastics camp participants

we'd love for you to stay in touch!

You can continue to keep in touch with our Facebook Group, "Just Like Fine Wine….Adult Gymnastics." The group is 4000 members strong! The camp is made possible by Tony Retrosi of GymMomentum. He opened up his facility to this camp, and him and his staff helped Gina Paulhus, camp director, be in the position to organize and share so much knowledge with other adult gymnasts.

come join us at our next camp!

Find out when our next camp is on this page.

Disclaimer: Adult gymnasts and coaches give advice and suggestions on this page. By reading and implementing the information, you assume all liability for injury. The advice given is for educational purposes only. Please check with your in-person coach and ensure that you have the proper pit, mats and/or spot available before trying any suggestions. If you don't agree to these terms, do not attempt anything that you see on this page.

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