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parallel bars for adult gymnasts

Parallel bars are a fun event whether you are a male or a female adult gymnast. I actually made my first handstand on pbars, not the unevens as a female gymnast, so don't underestimate the value of conditioning or working skills on this event even if you primarily train women's events!

Check out these articles to help your parallel bars as an adult gymnast.

parallel bars basics for adult gymnasts

pbars adult gymnasts

Parallel Bars for Complete Beginners

If you've never touched a set of p-bars before, this video is for you!

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more skills on parallel bars

parallel bars adult gymnastics

Front and Back Uprises Drills from Dmitri Bilozerchev

Kip Drills for Parallel Bars

Giant Progressions Master these moves before you try giants

Kip Tutorial for Pbars

Another set of drills to help you learn your kip on parallel bars.

dismounts on parallel bars

parallel bars adult gymnasts

Forward and Backward Dismounts on Parallel Bars

This tutorial outlines how to build up to and learn both the front and back somersaults dismounts from parallel bars. There are of course other ways of dismounting this apparatus, such as from an underswing on the end of the bars, but in the interest of time this tutorial has only covered the sideways dismounts from support, as they are the most commonly used.

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